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UPDATE CKC Non-Member Participation Fee
Saturday, January 01, 2011

NOTE: This information is from the CKC. Any questions or comments should be directed to the CKC.

Attention Canadian Residents

At the December Board meeting input provided by the membership was reviewed and considered by the Board regarding the notice posted to the CKC website on November 6,2010 regarding a New Tracking fee for non-members. The Board has made changes to the original motion approved at the September Board meeting and the following motion was passed in December and therefore the following non-member participation fee now applies and is retroactive to January 1,2011.

The non-member participation fee applies to all Canadian residents who participate in a CKC event but are not CKC members and a participating non-member can chose to purchase a CKC membership or pay the non-member fee. This only applies to dogs wholly owned by non members and is not applicable to CKC members or dogs co-owned with a CKC member. In order for the CKC to efficiently manage recording and tracking points, it's important that non-members select one of the two options within 30 days of notification or, unfortunately, we will be forced to cancel any awards and titles.

Non-Member Participation Fee

24-12-3. Non-member participation fee

a) An annual non-member participation fee for awards and titles will be charged to a Canadian non-member of CKC. The fee will match the ERN fee.

b) In order to protect the awards/titles earned, the non-member will have a choice either to become a CKC member or to pay the non-member participation fee. Failure to comply within 30 days of notification will cause all awards and titles to be canceled.

c) The Premium List must carry a note stating that these fees apply only to dogs wholly owned by non-CKC members and are not applicable to CKC members.

Motion carried on recorded vote

UPDATE - CKC News - Non Member Participation Fee

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