Knowing that dog event exhibitor’s life is a busy (and rewarding!) one, Jo-Ann Nichols launched The Entry Line to make last minute event entries easier and more accurate. It was a passion-of-the-heart venture launched in 1990 when Jo-Ann and one friend worked a single phone line six days a week, sometimes more than 10 hours a day to accommodate a growing clientele. With all these client relationships being built, it became clear that exhibitors used The Entry Line for not only convenience and efficiency, but also for the helpful and knowledgeable assistance in organizing their showing.


As word of mouth spread about the new service, it quickly became necessary to add employees, phone lines, more computers, and a faxing system. Custom software was developed to provide more detailed show information and to improve efficiency. The software was expanded to let client’s log in directly to enter shows.


Today, our members can enter shows Canada-wide via phone, fax or online. While some folks love the convenience of the online service, others feel that no computer can replace a human. For those people, our experienced and smiling staff are ready to make the process a breeze and a pleasure.


Yes, we love our clients, and are grateful for their loyalty over the decades.

That’s why we continually work to improve our services. New features and efficiencies are continually being developed behind the scenes. You’ll see some of these being rolled out on the website over the next while. It’s our way of providing efficient, accurate and helpful services so that you can focus on winning.



Stacey loves helping new exhibitors join our fancy and has been doing so since 1994. Stacey is a ball of sunshine and known for making telephone entries an easy and comfortable experience. Even if you’re new and confused and overwhelmed…she'll make it easy for you. (If you have gardening questions she might be able to help with that too.)

Stacey loves to spend time with her dogs Joy, Italian Greyhound, and Jackson, Dachshund. They accompany her to the office every day. Chances are, when you speak with Stacey on the phone, either Joy or Jackson will be on her lap or sleeping on their comfy cushion nearby. In her spare time she enjoys gardening, photography, tending to her koi ponds and spending time with friends. To unwind after a busy week, she looks forward walking the beautiful local trails with the dogs.


Deb has extensive experience with dogs, shows and Canada-wide entries and has been answering our phones since 1995. She can quickly take your entries and answer any questions you might have about dog shows. Deb enjoys getting to know clients better on the phone. You may find you have a lot in common with her the next time you call.

Deb loves her Labrador Retrievers Tansy and Bluebell, and spending time with them outside walking, swimming, and camping. During her downtime, Deb enjoys the finer things in life including dining and wine. A huge Star Trek fan for many years, she is always up for some good Star Trek trivia.


Founder of The Entry Line in 1990, Jo-Ann has been involved with purebred dogs and shows for more than 25 years.  Jo-Ann has extensive knowledge of dog show rules and can help with almost any dog-event-related question. Jo-Ann is now retired but occasionally comes in to help with the phones on busy closing days. Her dog-world wisdom is coated with a well-known kindness.

Did you know that the Entry Line logo, depicting a Bloodhound, commemorates Jo-Ann's first purebred show dog? Out of only two Bloodhound litters, several Canadian and American champions were produced, including her American Best in Show male, "A/C Ch Noseworthy's Magnum Opus" - September 15, 1990 - December 27, 2000.