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Who, What, Where
How It All Began
The Personalities Behind The Technology
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Who, What, Where

The Entry Line is a Canadian Dog Show Entry Service that accepts entries for events all across Canada. We are located in Brantford, which is in South Western Ontario, and service over 100 shows per year including conformation, obedience and specialties. All shows that The Entry Line handles can be seen under the "Show Calendar" section of this website.

How It All Began

The Entry Line 'Dog Show Entry Service' officially began business on January 1, 1990. Jo-Ann Nichols started it as a small venture to fill the need for an accurate and friendly service for exhibitors to enter their dogs at the last minute. Jo-Ann and one other friend manned a single phone line 6 days a week, sometimes 10 hours a day or more to accommodate a growing clientele.

As word of mouth spread about the new service, it quickly became necessary to add more employees, more phone lines, more computers, and a faxing system. A custom computer program was developed to provide more accurate and detailed show information. As Jo-Ann built closer relationships with her clientele, it became evident that the exhibitors were using The Entry Line for not only last minute entries, but also convenience and knowledgeable assistance in organizing their showing.

Over the years, The Entry Line, has always tried to anticipate the needs of their clients. They have also gone through several upgrades on their computer program and network to provide faster service with less room for error. website is the newest addition to great tools offered to their clientele with the purpose of making entries a breeze. The website will process online entries quicker and more simply than ever before. The Entry Line hopes you enjoy using the site and welcomes your input on how they can improve it. Please feel free to give your comments on the Contact Us page.

The Entry Line thanks all their loyal clients over the years and the new and upcoming exhibitors just beginning. Their motto is very important to them. They will always strive to provide efficient, accurate and helpful service so that you can "focus on winning".

The Personalities Behind The Technology

Jo-Ann, Founder

Jo-Ann has been involved with purebred dogs and shows for more than 25 years. The Entry Line logo, depicting a Bloodhound, commemorates Jo-Ann's first purebred show dog. Out of only two Bloodhound litters, several Canadian and American champions were produced, including her American Best in Show male, "A/C Ch Noseworthy's Magnum Opus" - September 15, 1990 - December 27, 2000.

With many years of entry service experience and more than 20 years of showing, Jo-Ann has extensive knowledge of dog show rules and can help you with almost any dog-related question on your entries.


Stacey joined The Entry Line in 1994, and quickly became known to clients as someone who could make telephone entries an easy and comfortable experience. She got her first Great Pyrenees show dog in 1996. She also produced a few litters of Great Pyrenees. Stacey is very happy with the success and nice show wins her Great Pyrenees have achieved. She is especially pleased with the good work her Pyrs are doing. "Chance" is a permanent therapy-pet-resident at a retirement home and he provides daily assistance and happy smiles to the residents there. Everyone loves him and the good work that he does. "Liam" is trained in agility and, most important, search and rescue. "Monique" is in the process of being certified as a therapy dog as well; they will then be visiting seniors' homes, hospitals and hospice centres together. Stacey has learned a lot from participating as an exhibitor at the dog shows. Since she has first-hand experience with showing her dogs to their championships, she is well acquainted with the dog show rules and regulations. You can count on her to give you helpful information any time you call to make an entry.


Deb began working with us in September of 1995. Even though she didn't have any previous show experience, she quickly learned the ropes and was able to start taking phone entries within a few months. After losing a treasured family dog to a car accident, she bought a purebred chocolate Labrador bitch named Kes (Deb is a great Star Trek fan - her other dog is named Dax). When Kes had nine beautiful chocolate puppies in 2000, they all had to have Star Trek names, of course. Deb tragically lost Kes in 2001 to a seizure, but now has a handsome chocolate male, Tucker. When Tucker is happy, his whole body wags, and he loves to accompany Deb and her family in the car and especially to mascot the soccer games they attend to watch their kids play and referee.

Deb has gained a wide knowledge of dog shows over her years working here, and will be able to help you with almost anything you can ask about your next entry, soccer or Star Trek trivia.


CJ is our newest team member, having joined The Entry Line in 2006. She has been around dog shows all of her life. She has shown her Great Pyrenees to many memorable wins. She has won Best Junior Handler in her zone for the past three years. She has also won third place at the Canadian National Junior Handling Finals. We are very proud of her.

CJ has worked for numerous professional handlers over the past two years and has gained a lot of knowledge and experience from them. She is also involved in her school and the community. She was president of her school, won more than 25 academic awards including the Governor General's Award for Academic Excellence and awards for performing arts and sports. She certainly is a bright girl and we love how quickly she proved herself to be a reliable and knowledgeable member here. With her lifetime dog show experience, you can trust CJ to be qualified to talk to you about the dog show rules, regulations and handling.


Sharon has been working with us since June of 2000. Her primary job here is to keep our website information up to date. She is a University of Guelph science student and is looking to become a surgeon. She has shown the family's chocolate Labrador at a few of the local dog shows. Sharon currently owns "Bailey" - a Golden Retriever that she keeps in great form. She plays soccer in the provincial league and currently referees soccer up to the national level. Sharon is kept busy with her studies, caring for "Bailey," volunteer work, soccer and keeping our website show information up to date. We all greatly appreciate Sharon's attention to detail in ensuring that our website information is accurate and updated.


We abide by all Canadian Kennel Club rules. We will NOT accept new entries, or alter existing entries, after OUR closing time for each show. Our closing times vary according to where we have to deliver each show. We must close off shows several hours before the official club closing time in order to finish processing, compiling and submitting our entries on time to the appropriate show secretary. They will not accept our entries if they are late.

> Online entries will be cut off half an hour before our telephone and fax entries. It is the clients responsibility to read email confirmations carefully BEFORE our closing time, so that our office can be contacted immediately if a change needs to be made. If you do not receive a confirmation of the online entry, you must call our office. Even though it appeared your entry was submitted to us, we may not have received your entry through one of the internet providers.

> We will make every effort to contact an exhibitor before cancelling an entry for a declined credit card or missing information. If you cannot be reached and there are no alternate cards on file to use, your entry may be cancelled at our discretion.

Our Rates

Entries made by phone or fax are normally charged at 15% of the total fees for the show. This total includes entry fees for each day, listing fees for dogs not registered in Canada, puppy sweepstakes, all non-regular classes such as Stud dog and Brood bitch, and other options that may be available such as catalogues or weekend camping pre-registration.

Entries made on-line will be charged 13% of the total fees as described above. This applies to entries received by internet that do not require extra processing by hand such as in the case of a declined credit card or an incorrectly completed entry. In order to be able to use our website to make the on-line entries you must be a member of the website, which currently is FREE.

For phone, fax and internet entries, there is also the Harmonized & Sales Tax (HST) of 13% that is added to our service fee only. It is already included in the price of the entry and listing fees.

Your Privacy

The Entry Line values your privacy. We do not sell or rent your information to anyone. Your information is used for the purpose of entering dog shows as per your request only. We have also taken great care to ensure that you are not bombarded with banner advertising, where you may be forced, or feel pressured, to go to a site you did not choose.

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